Computational design is the future of design – Giraffe

Design is about creating. Designers that can efficiently create data will be the ones who can efficiently use data.

At Giraffe we’re working to make data creation as intuitive to designers as a pencil. We are building software that allows designers to create BIM models without friction. We have created the ability for teams of digitally enabled designers to collaborate in real time by exposing computational design scripts they’ve written in any language via API to any platform.

Thankyou to Michael Asher, from Giraffe, for sharing this exciting development.

Michael’s office, in the St Helens area, where the magic happens.

BIM for Design Management Presentation

The optimized project structure for BIM Design Management

What has been traditional design management issues? What goals can we have for design management with BIM? How can a common data environment (CDE) be used? What prerequisites for the management of BIM should be considered? And what is the optimized project structure for building information modeling design management?

Thankyou Klaus, from Gandy and Roberts for this presentation.
Download the presentation: BIM for Design Management Presentation.pdf

HobartBIM March Gathering 2020

We will be meeting on the 4th of March at the UTAS IMAS Aurora Lecture Theatre. Please ensure you book your Free Ticket for our Hobart Event.

The current agenda for the evening is;

6:00pm – 7:30pm – Presentations

  • Welcome and Industry Updates
  • Integrated BIM with InEight Project Management and Building Lifecycle Platform
  • BIM for Design Management
  • Current Affairs

7:30pm – 9:00pm – Networking.

A special thank you to InEight for sponsoring our venue.


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