Save The Date; 5th of November

Save the date for our next gathering on the 5th of November.

We hope that everyone has been keeping well during these strange times.

Now that smaller gatherings are becoming more feasible, we are planning to host a gathering before the end of the year. Venue and agenda to be firmed over the next few weeks. Tickets will of course follow once venue is confirmed.

Our November event will likely be a little different than past events but we hope to provide the same opportunity to meet with our peers in an informative and social gathering.

We would also like to take this opportunity to quickly promote an upcoming online course that will likely be of interest to many of you, details below (apologies for the short notice).

BIM Implementation within the AEC Industry – Coventry University
A short course on BIM applications to AEC is starting on Monday 14th. It is an international MOOC course delivered from the well regarded UK Coventry University. A group from Hobart will take part in collaboration with Fab City Barcelona ( The Hobart group is focusing on BIM opportunities towards Hobart Smart City & Hobart Fab City, i.e. ways to make Hobart more self-sufficient; effective; engaged & more sustainable whilst benefiting locally from future developments. The course goes for 2 weeks and requires about ~3 hours/week. MOOC courses are free but you will need to sign up before Monday 14th from the link –

Computational design is the future of design – Giraffe

Design is about creating. Designers that can efficiently create data will be the ones who can efficiently use data.

At Giraffe we’re working to make data creation as intuitive to designers as a pencil. We are building software that allows designers to create BIM models without friction. We have created the ability for teams of digitally enabled designers to collaborate in real time by exposing computational design scripts they’ve written in any language via API to any platform.

Thankyou to Michael Asher, from Giraffe, for sharing this exciting development.

Michael’s office, in the St Helens area, where the magic happens.

BIM for Design Management Presentation

The optimized project structure for BIM Design Management

What has been traditional design management issues? What goals can we have for design management with BIM? How can a common data environment (CDE) be used? What prerequisites for the management of BIM should be considered? And what is the optimized project structure for building information modeling design management?

Thankyou Klaus, from Gandy and Roberts for this presentation.
Download the presentation: BIM for Design Management Presentation.pdf